Why on Earth Am I Doing This?

Why have I decided to start a “blog”? I can guarantee you one thing: it isn’t because of my impeccable writing skills. It for sure isn’t because of my sub-par knowledge of English language. Too much time? Funny. Frankly, even I’m not sure about the actual reason for taking on this endeavor. There are, however, a couple of things making me want to pursue it.

Since I parted ways with what was a part of my everyday life for a fair chunk of my youth – the sport of swimming, I’ve come to realize that there is now a big pool (no pun intended) of time and fresh energy up for grabs. Through a lot of introspection in the past year I made a commitment to myself: waste as little of time as possible. Looking back and regretting the chances I could have taken seems like a feeling I want to avoid. This is just one of the steps in that direction. Even if the only person reading my thoughts written here is me, it will serve as a good way of looking back at how I approached solving problems and how my mind worked.

On my laptop, there are tons of folders filled with various research I’ve written/compiled through the last couple of years, and they are seeing dusty bits starting to collect on them. I’m kidding – there’s no such thing as dusty bits, just trying to make a point that whatever I’ve worked on has as much value as the paper one wrote in college and is now either a) in trash, or b) on a shelf next to 20 others with a bunch of dust residing on top. While I most definitely do not think of my work as some breakthrough or state-of-the-art research, I believe some of it may be interesting for at least some of the audience among my social media contacts.

What I’m trying to accomplish is NOT to inform the world about what I know – quite the opposite. I want to see what I don’t know, how I could have done things better, and expand my horizon beyond of what I think I know. The more I go about learning things, the more I see how dialogue and wondering (e.g. asking questions) escalate the learning process. I am very susceptible to criticism of any kind. There are ~7.125 billion people living in the world, thus it would be foolish to expect every opinion to be the same. The more different perspectives I can encounter, the more value they bring when accumulated.

So, what will you see being posted here? That’s a very good question and I’m not sure if I want to give a definitive answer…yet. I will without a doubt post a lot of computer science and computer security related discussions, but I am not limiting myself to specific topics. This is after all a personal blog and I don’t want to limit myself to strictly fields related to science.

Cool, so this is the first post. Thank you for reading through! If there is one thing I appreciate, it’s people’s time – you can only take it away and can’t give it back. I hope you come back at some point. If there is anything at all you would want to share with me (except maybe ransomware), my contact info is on the bottom of the page.

Thank you,


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