About Me

Who am I? My name is Ziga. Tirelessly looking for new challenges and things that peak my interest. Computers and technology never cease to amaze me and I absolutely love learning about related matters.

Until December 2017, I am a student at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. My undergraduate studies’ focus is Computer Science, while also pursuing a minor in Mathematics.

In my free time I contribute to RSA, a pioneer in cyber security industry, where I work as an intern at the Advanced Security Operations Center.

In my actual free time I pretend to be a cyber warrior, as well as look for cool new ways to enhance our lifestyles, for instance: MindLink (look under projects). I don’t know how to not constantly be engaged in something I find challenging and/or interesting. While I could be perceived as a person who works non-stop, I disagree with that perception. Everything I do is aimed towards maintaining the curiosity in life itself, which consequentially keeps on bringing me happiness. If finding purpose in the things I do is the outcome, they simply can’t count as work – it’s something I enjoy doing.

Between 2001 and February of this year I had been a competitive swimmer. Not a recreational swimmer who competes once a year, swimming was in fact my life. I am utmost grateful for the moment when i decided to begin my journey as a swimmer, because I seriously doubt I would see and perceive life in the same light otherwise. As my last year of eligibility to compete in collegiate competitions had expired, it was time to start focusing my energy on different areas.

Shoutout to my parents and my family who love me unconditionally – you are the main reason I am who I am.