TLH For Liv

What is This?

Per request of a friend – Liv, who lives a busy life and can hardly find time for activities such as reading blog posts, I will be posting a “Top Level Haiku” alongside every blog post. They will [attempt to] capture the theme of each post. Note that this is purely for the LOLs. 🙂

Making Web Apps [a bit More] Secure

Walls higher than Troy

“admin” “admin” lets you in

GG, you got owned

Cyber Kill Chain With Mallory

Seven steps she takes

Malware appears, disappears

Leaves no trace behind

Exploring; 21st Century Style

Data bit meets a swine

It stinks bad, worse than pig’s guts

Not crossing this wire

Architecting in AWS


Scaling cloud up down up down

Never gets too tired

SQL Injections and Domain Security

Baked cookies are sweet

Cached cookies authenticate

Both may cause regret

Hacking 0X3F8147AE

White hat, black hat, grey

Connect with me they will say

Ha, now you’re prey!

How to Bake Your Own Anonymizing Pie


Commonly undervalued

Taken for granted

A Deep Dive Into The Dark Web

Dark web is obscure

If you lurk in Tor unseen

You will not be found